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18-Week Bootcamp

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It is estimated there will be a shortage of 1.4 million software developers in the US within the next year.

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The average coding bootcamp costs more than $13,500. Through our innovative flipped-teaching and faculty model, our partners are able to offer comparable, quality programs for near a 4th of the average tuition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the course instructor-led? What is the background and experience of your instructors?

Yes, the course is instructor led by experienced industry professionals who have teaching and training experience.

What is the structure of program?

Students meet virtually for class once a week for one and a half hours. In addition to the virtual weekly class meeting, students meet once a week for a remote, 30-minute one-on-one with a mentor.

The academic week starts 3 days before class; at that time students review curriculum and start working on the week’s assignments. When we meet for class, the instructor answers student questions, asks questions to ensure understanding of concepts, and then assigns and assists with hands-on projects for the students to complete in class.

For example, if class is on Thursday, students get their curriculum and assignments on Monday and should go through the curriculum and start working on the assignments before class on Thursday. This way students are already familiar with the concepts before coming to class.

What technologies are covered?

Front End Coding Bootcamp: Skills and technologies learned include JavaScript, Algorithms, OOP, Design Patterns, Unit Testing, HTML, CSS, JQuery, Bootstrap, AJAX, React, JSX, REST, NPM, AWS, and more.

Back End Coding Bootcamp: Skills and technologies learned include Java 1.8, Algorithms, OOP, Design Patterns, Unit Testing, SQL, DDL, DML, Database Concepts, JDBC, Spring Boot, Spring Data, REST, JPA, JWT, AWS, and more.

Can somone with a full-time job attend this bootcamp?

Yes. This program is designed to be accessible, flexible, and allow working professionals who are actively seeking a career change to do so.

What is the time commitment for the program?

The time it takes to complete each week’s assignments differs between students and modules, however, students who spend an average of between 20 hours a week tend to see the most success.

What are the system requirements?

A laptop with a minimum of an i5 processor and at least 8GB of RAM is required for this program. Windows, MacOS, or Linux are acceptable operating systems. Chromebooks will not work for this program.

Who are these programs geared towards?

Front End and Back End Coding Bootcamps are geared towards anyone looking to start a career in software or switch careers within the technology industry. You do not need any prior coding experience to enroll in a cohort, we will provide you with all of the tools you need to become employable within the market.

Are there any prerequisites?

Students must be 18 or over and have a high school diploma or equivalent. Basic computer literacy and the ability to navigate one’s own computer is strongly preferred. Students will complete an aptitude test prior to the first class session.

What types of jobs will grads be prepared for?

Successful completion of the program will help you prepare for types of roles such as Java Developer, Software Engineer, Back End Developer, Application Developer, Front End Developer, Data Engineers, Python Programmers, and Business Intelligence Developers.