Are Coding Bootcamps Worth It?


November 19, 2023

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The demand for skilled professionals in the tech industry is skyrocketing with no end in sight. For many aspiring tech enthusiasts, coding bootcamps are the ticket to gaining the necessary skills, promising accelerated learning and a fast track to high-paying careers. But are coding bootcamps worth it? As alternative education pathways gain traction, coding bootcamps are proving to prepare graduates to win jobs, despite outdated skepticism. This comprehensive analysis takes a good hard look into the world of coding bootcamps, assessing their value in today’s tech career market.


Understanding online coding bootcamps 

In the dynamic landscape of modern education, online coding bootcamps have emerged as a game-changer, especially for those looking to acquire in-demand tech skills in a time-efficient manner. These intensive programs are designed to equip students with market-relevant abilities in as little as half a year, making them a popular choice for career changers and upskillers alike.

Benefits of an online coding bootcamp

Immersive learning: Online coding bootcamps blend the convenience of online courses with the rigor of immersive programs. This hybrid approach allows students from diverse backgrounds and locations to participate in a learning experience that was once only accessible in a physical classroom setting. The key to their success lies in their focused curriculum, which zeros in on the most essential skills needed to excel in the tech industry.

Real-world application: These programs are intensive by design. They require a significant commitment from students, who often balance their studies with other personal and professional responsibilities. The immersive nature of these bootcamps means that, within a short period, participants are not just learning theoretical concepts but also applying them in practical, real-world scenarios.

Job-readiness: The beauty of online coding bootcamps is in their structure, which creates a comprehensive learning journey. From foundational programming languages to advanced concepts in front-end and back-end development, data engineering, and digital marketing, bootcamps cover a wide array of subjects. The goal is to prepare students not just for their first tech job but for a long career in the industry.

Career preparation: In addition to technical skills, high-quality bootcamps incorporate career preparation into the curriculum, such as interview coaching, resume building, and networking strategies. This holistic approach helps bridge the gap between education and employment.

If you’re considering enrolling in a coding bootcamp, look for one that brings all these essential benefits to the table. With a focus on in-demand skills, a bootcamp like this aligns with the needs of the current job market, leaving bootcamp grads ready to meet the opportunities of the tech industry.


Coding bootcamp cost and ROI 

The affordability of coding bootcamps is a significant draw—especially when considering the salaries you can unlock once you gain some traction in your career. Some bootcamps, like Promineo Tech’s for instance, range from $3,200 to just over $6,000 (averaging around $4,600). This coding bootcamp cost, when compared to the substantial cost of a traditional college degree, which can exceed $10,000 per year for public, in-state tuition, and upwards of $42,000 annually for private institutions, bootcamps emerge as a financially viable alternative for many.

But what about the return on investment (ROI)? Coding bootcamp grads find employment in roles with competitive salaries, making the ROI of coding bootcamp costs something to get really excited about. A few years in the tech industry can easily offset the initial investment, setting bootcamp students on a path to financial stability and career growth. Here are the salaries you stand to earn in common mid-level tech positions:

The ROI of a coding bootcamp is particularly impressive when contrasted with that of a traditional computer science degree. The cost-benefit analysis of a coding bootcamp versus a traditional college degree becomes even more compelling when considering the speed and focus with which these programs prepare a coding bootcamp graduate for the tech industry.


Software development job market trends and demand 

The tech industry is currently experiencing a surge in demand for software developers and data engineers. With predictions of rapid job growth over the next decade, these careers are not just lucrative but also offer long-term stability. This boom in tech jobs aligns perfectly with the skillset provided by coding bootcamps, making them an ideal stepping stone for those looking to break into the field. Now’s the opportune time to acquire these in-demand skills and ride the wave of this technological surge.

Consider these job growth statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • Web developers are projected to see a 16% growth from 2022 to 2032, with approximately 19,000 job openings each year
  • Data scientists can expect a remarkable 35% growth, translating to around 17,700 job openings annually over the same period
  • Marketing managers are anticipated to have a 6% growth, yielding 34,000 job openings each year.

These figures underscore the significant opportunities awaiting those equipped with the right skills.


The coding bootcamp experience: real student stories 

Promineo Tech coding bootcamp graduates like Morgan Chin and Rachel VanHorn stand as inspiring examples of the transformative power of these intensive programs. The stories of these bootcamp alumni highlight the effectiveness of online coding bootcamps in providing practical skills and career coaching to aspiring software developers.

Morgan Chin: from retail manager to back-end developer at O’Reilly Auto Parts

Morgan Chin’s journey epitomizes the transformative power of coding bootcamps. With a background in retail management and an associate degree in general studies, Morgan felt his true calling was in technology. Promineo Tech’s back-end web development bootcamp provided him with the skills and flexibility he needed to pivot his career. Today, as a full-stack software developer at O’Reilly Auto Parts, Morgan is a testament to how dedication and the right training can lead to a successful career switch. Learn more about Morgan’s journey.

Rachel VanHorn: from zookeeper to full-stack developer

Rachel VanHorn’s story is equally inspiring. As a mother and former zookeeper, Rachel sought a career that could accommodate her family life. She found her answer in Promineo Tech’s bootcamps, where she mastered both front-end and back-end development. Rachel’s final project, a full-stack zookeeping app, showcased her newfound coding prowess and her passion for her previous career. Her transition demonstrates the bootcamps’ ability to cater to diverse backgrounds and career aspirations. Read Rachel’s story.


Landing a job: post-bootcamp job placement services 

The coding bootcamps that are truly worth their salt show their commitment to students’ success beyond class sessions. That means the bootcamp you choose should offer robust career services and coaching throughout the curriculum and extend support following graduation. This holistic approach produces bootcamp graduates who are not just skilled but also well-prepared to navigate the job market.

If you’re wondering if a bootcamp is worth it, ask yourself these questions

  • Does it offer 360° career coaching? Comprehensive career services should cover every aspect of the job search. This includes:
    • Developing a professional demeanor
    • Preparing standout application materials
    • Mastering job search strategies
    • Excelling in behavioral and technical interviews
    • Navigating salary negotiations and contract discussions
    • Thriving in your chosen position
  • Does it have dedicated office hours? Quality bootcamps offer weekly office hours with career experts. This support should be made available to you long after graduation, allowing for personalized feedback and guidance throughout your first job search in the tech world.
  • Does the curriculum include skill-boosting lessons? It’s not enough to have technical skills, you have to have the finesse to land interviews, too. The bootcamp you choose should build this kind of skill development into your coursework so you’re ready to win a full time job upon graduation. Look for lessons on:
    • LinkedIn setup and utilization
    • Effective networking strategies
    • Crafting impactful resumes
    • Behavioral and technical interview prep
  • Is there a built-in community? A strong bootcamp fosters a community of support through platforms like Slack and LinkedIn. This allows you to connect with thriving alumni who work as software engineers, web developers, and other tech roles, tapping into a network that can lead to your next opportunity.
  • What kind of resources does the bootcamp offer? Your job applications will benefit from specialized resume templates and intuitive resume-building tools, so make sure to do your due diligence and confirm the bootcamp provides resources like these.


Are coding bootcamps worth it?

The question remains: Are coding bootcamps worth it? Between the success stories, market trends, and promising benefits, it’s a resounding yes for many aspiring tech professionals.

Coding bootcamps stand out as more than educational programs—they’re accessible, affordable gateways to new careers, opportunities, and personal growth. With their relatively low cost compared to traditional four-year college degrees, these bootcamps offer a compelling alternative for those seeking a foothold in the tech sector.

In your search, it’s important to recognize that not all bootcamps are created equal. The best coding bootcamps distinguish themselves through comprehensive curriculums, hands-on learning experiences, and robust post-graduation support, including career services and networking opportunities. They focus on arming bootcamp students with coding skills as well as overall job readiness.

Your success in even the best programs is on your shoulders, too. In other words, coding bootcamps are worth it if you’re willing to commit to the learning process and treat the experience as it was intended: an immersive program.


Why consider Promineo Tech coding bootcamps?

We may be biased, but we believe coding bootcamps are more than worth it. Our bootcamps were modeled to create affordable access to high-quality education and a gateway for motivated individuals to pursue fulfilling and sustainable careers in a growing industry. Promineo Tech’s programs which teach in-demand skills in web development, data engineering, and digital marketing come with all the features you should look for in an accelerated tech education, without the steep price tag.

As you contemplate coding bootcamp worth and weigh your options, consider some of the top reasons students choose Promineo Tech:

  1. It’s affordable: Pay a fraction for the exact same education and certificate that our competitors offer for $15,000 or more.
  2. Market-driven curriculum: Our coding bootcamps teach the skills you need to become a successful software engineer.
  3. Real-world projects: Gain hands-on experience by working on industry-relevant projects. Build a strong portfolio and gain an understanding of the real-world challenges and problems that you’ll be solving.
  4. Career support: We don’t just teach coding; our career coaches and resources will help prepare you for the job market. We’re committed to helping you land your dream job.
  5. Flexible learning: Evening classes, one-on-one coaching, and group mentor sessions cater to your busy lifestyle, making learning accessible and convenient.

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