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Companies that offer to train employees generate 218 percent higher income per worker and have a 24 percent higher profit margin, compared to businesses that don’t engage in similar programs.

*Association of Talent Development

10% Increase In Productivity

Study by the National Bureau of Economic Research

Lower Turnover Rates, Reducing The Need For Costly Talent

Report by McKinsey & Company

Motivate Employees To Stay With Their Current Employer

35% of employees said that access to upskilling and reskilling programs would motivate them to stay with their current employer.

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Employee Benefits

Promineo Tech is primarily licensed in its home state of Arizona, and makes sure to operate in compliance across the US so you can have peace of mind while you take the course remotely.


Employees Say That They Would Stay At A Company Longer

if it invested in their career development. The number one reason employees say they feel held back from learning is because they do not have time to learn the skills they need.


Employees Prefer To Learn At Their Own Pace

49% prefer to learn at the point of need. This experience can only be achieved by online learning solutions.


Employees Say That They Would Spend More Time Learning

 if their manager directed them to complete a specific course in order to gain or improve their skills.


Of Executives

say L&D is a necessary benefit to the company

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