How to Pay for Your Bootcamp


November 26, 2023

Starting on a new career path can be as exciting as it is overwhelming. Many aspiring tech professionals find themselves at a crossroads wondering how to pursue their passion with the financial burden that comes with furthering their education. Tech and coding bootcamps offer a swift and focused path to earning the skills that today’s tech economy demands. Unlike college degrees, which can require years of study, bootcamps are designed to give you practical, job-ready skills in a matter of months, tailored for a variety of schedules and for a fraction of the price.


Our bootcamps stand out

Not only for the industry-relevant curriculum and supportive learning environment but also for their affordability. However, we understand ‘affordable’ doesn’t mean ‘free’. This guide explores multiple options available to finance your education, so you can focus on the important stuff: working toward the future you deserve.


How to afford a bootcamp

Navigating bootcamp costs can be challenging, but there are strategies that make these career-advancing opportunities possible. Whether you borrow money, tap into crowdfunding, explore loan options, seek employer sponsorship, or utilize veteran benefits, there’s a path that may work. This guide will explore various avenues to help you afford a bootcamp, each designed to suit different circumstances and goals. From self-funding and family support to innovative financing solutions like Climb Credit and VET TEC, we’ll cover the essentials to help you embark on your tech journey without financial barriers. Let’s dive into the details of each option, and pave your way to success in the tech world.

Self-funding and family support

Start with what’s closest to home. If you’ve got savings set aside or family willing to invest in your career pivot, this route offers a simple, direct way to fund your bootcamp experience.

Crowdfunding your education

Harness the power of your network through platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo to turn your community’s support into educational opportunity.

Loan partnerships

Promineo Tech has partnered with Climb Credit to offer affordable loans to students seeking a swift transition into tech without the hurdle of upfront tuition costs. Remember, these are not just loans; they’re investments in your upward career move.

Climb Credit

Climb Credit is a financing company that provides accessible, affordable loan options for students enrolling in tech bootcamps.

Why Climb Credit?:

  • Climb Credit is committed to widening access to career-advancing education, especially in tech-focused fields.
  • Climb Credit provides various affordable payment solutions, making your tech education journey financially feasible.
  • Their financing options are designed to fit different financial situations, so more students can enroll in their desired programs.

Employer sponsorship

Present it as a win-win to your current employer. Many companies are keen to upskill their employees and may sponsor your bootcamp as part of their professional development programs. The affordability of our programs makes the prospect even more enticing.

Veteran benefits

For the brave individuals who’ve served, specific benefits like VET TEC can be a funding gateway to the tech industry. VET TEC is a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs program designed to help veterans gain the skills and knowledge for careers in the tech industry.


You may be eligible for VET TEC if you meet all of these requirements.

  • You qualify for VA education assistance under the GI Bill.
  • You have at least one day of unexpired GI Bill entitlement.
  • You’re accepted into a program by a VA-approved training provider.
  • You may be eligible for VET TEC if you meet all of these requirements.


Next steps to pay for your bootcamp

Coding bootcamp cost doesn’t have to be a roadblock to your career aspirations. With a range of options available, from self-funding and family support to innovative solutions like Climb Credit loans and VET TEC for veterans, there’s a financial path that can suit many circumstances. Crowdfunding and employer sponsorship also present unique opportunities to fund your education. By exploring these avenues, you can make an informed decision on how to best finance your coding bootcamp, enabling you to focus fully on acquiring the skills and knowledge you need for a successful career in the tech industry. The next step is yours to take, and with the right financial plan, your dream job in tech is well within reach.

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Time to chase your dream job… without the budget-breaking bootcamp tuition. Explore some of the most affordable tech bootcamp programs available.

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