In a significant step to bridge the tech skills gap, Northeastern Illinois University Office of Community & Professional Education (CAPE) introduces their partnership with Promineo Tech to offer noncredit coding, big data engineering, and digital marketing bootcamps. Graduates of the bootcamps will earn an industry-recognized certification and develop the hands-on skills, hone advanced problem solving techniques, and benefit from comprehensive career support vital for confidently stepping into the high-demand tech job market.

“The Office of Community & Professional Education (CAPE) at Northeastern Illinois University is excited to partner with Promineo Tech and offer students access to their comprehensive programs” says Christie Miller, Director of the Office of Cultural Events and Community and Professional at Northeastern Illinois University.

Promineo Tech bootcamps offer an accelerated track to a career in the tech industry, tailored for those at all life stages and backgrounds, from recent grads to those seeking a mid-life career pivot. These courses, intensely career-focused, boast project-based curricula that empower students to successfully start a tech career. The part time and flexible format of Promineo Tech bootcamps seek to lower the barriers to high-quality education for everyone, from busy parents to transitioning military veterans and everyone in between.

“Our bootcamp programs employ a unique learning model that enables students to become familiar with weekly topics through pre-recorded videos and then get personalized training from a live instructor to help solidify what they are learning”, said Nick Suwyn, President of Promineo Tech. “To help students succeed, we provide ample support channels; in addition to the materials and live class sessions, students can meet one-on-one with a mentor weekly, attend multiple open office hours, and receive text-based support via Slack.”

With a global shift towards remote business operations, and the profound opportunities posed by digital platforms, over three-quarters (78%) of IT organizations are grappling with challenges in finding talent possessing the necessary emerging skills. The demand for new tech professionals is greater than ever, magnifying the importance of easier access to tech education. These bootcamps aim to meet that demand by training students to carve their niche in the tech industry and stand out in today’s competitive job market.

Enrollment for the upcoming cohorts is now open.

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About Northeastern Illinois University Office of Community & Professional Education (CAPE): The Office of Community and Professional Education (CAPE) at Northeastern Illinois University offers non-credit classes, technology bootcamps, workshops and summer programs. We are a resource for our NEIU students and community to take classes for career development or personal enrichment.

About Promineo Tech: Promineo Tech is an Education-as-a-Service provider that partners with community colleges to offer coding bootcamps and related technology training. Their mission is to make technology education affordable, accessible, and low risk for everyone so that anyone has the opportunity to improve their lives through learning. They teach people the skills needed to enter and be successful in high-demand, technology fields such as the software development industry. Learn more at PromineoTech.com.