Student Spotlight: Morgan Chin


November 8, 2023

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From Retail Manager to Back-End Developer at O’Reilly Auto Parts 

Promineo Tech is proud to feature the inspiring story of Morgan Chin, a graduate who successfully transitioned from retail management to a promising start to a career as a full-stack software developer at O’Reilly Auto Parts. Morgan’s journey showcases determination, career pivot, and the pursuit of passion in the world of technology. In a recent interview, Morgan shared invaluable insights and experiences, offering valuable lessons for aspiring back-end developers and individuals contemplating a software development coding bootcamp. 

A Non-Traditional Path to Tech 

In 2011, Morgan earned an associate degree in general studies from Frederick Community College in Maryland. Despite his academic background, Morgan’s career path led him to excel as a general manager at Aldi, a prominent grocery retail chain. While he demonstrated strong leadership and management skills, he realized his true passion lay in technology and software development. Recognizing the need for change, he made the bold decision to leave his retail career behind and pursue his passion for technology. 

“I love leadership and I love people, but I just wasn’t passionate about grocery retail. So, I took a step back and I thought, if I stay at Aldi, what do the next five years look like? Or, if I go, and pursue something that I’m passionate about—software development—what would the next five years look like?” said Morgan, reflecting on his decision. 

Choosing the Coding Bootcamp Route 

Driven by his passion for technology, Morgan chose to enroll in Promineo Tech’s back-end web development bootcamp. His decision was motivated by the program’s accessibility and affordability. Despite initial doubts, Morgan decided to invest in himself and the bootcamp, ultimately embracing the transformative experience it offered. 

“I realized a coding bootcamp was the most efficient and cost-effective way to become a software developer in a short amount of time” Morgan said. 

Navigating the Bootcamp Experience 

Throughout the bootcamp, Morgan found the structured curriculum, which covered Java, algorithms, relational databases with MySQL, and web API design with Spring Boot, to be a perfect fit for his learning style. He appreciated the flexibility the program provided, allowing him to balance his studies with his personal commitments. Morgan also emphasized the importance of mentorship, which played a pivotal role in helping him overcome challenges and maintain the right mindset for success in the tech industry. 

“I loved the flexibility. In my four-month cohort, we met once a week on Wednesday nights. Beyond that, even though you do have deadlines each week, you create your own schedule throughout the week.” shares Morgan. 

Internship at O’Reilly Auto Parts 

Morgan’s dedication and hard work paid off when he secured a paid 12-week internship with O’Reilly Auto Parts, a renowned company in the automotive industry. This opportunity served as a bridge from the bootcamp to a professional role, providing him with hands-on experience in both front-end and back-end development. Morgan is thriving in this environment, benefiting from a collaborative atmosphere and extensive learning opportunities. 

Looking Ahead: Combining Leadership and Tech Skills 

While Morgan’s short-term goal is to establish a solid foundation in the tech industry, his long-term aspiration is to merge his leadership experience from Aldi with his technical skills to make a significant impact. 

“I would love to utilize my leadership experience at Aldi and my tech experience and step into a leadership role in the tech world. These are the two things I’m most passionate about and that don’t really feel like work to me,” he said. 

Beyond his professional pursuits, Morgan values work-life balance, spending quality time with his family, enjoying sports like flag football, and indulging in video games. His story serves as a testament to the transformative potential of coding bootcamps and the tech industry’s receptiveness to diverse backgrounds. With dedication, mentorship, and the right mindset, individuals like Morgan can successfully transition into fulfilling careers as back-end developers. 

Feeling inspired by Morgan’s journey? Explore how you can pave your own path to a rewarding tech career with available programs at Promineo Tech. 

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