Top 5 Reasons Why Students Choose Promineo Tech Software Development Bootcamps


November 8, 2023

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The Promineo Tech admissions team talks to thousands of current and prospective students each month. Here are the most common reasons students choose to enroll in one of our software development bootcamps.

1. Its a great learning experience.
We hate sitting through long lectures and bet you do too. So each week, you’re provided with the course materials in advance of the online class. Lessons are broken up into short 15-ish minute modules. You watch them at your convenience. Take breaks. Live your life. Rewatch as needed. Then when you show up to class, the entire time is spent working on your projects.

2. Access to full-time mentors.
Need a little extra help? We got you. Our mentors are available for group and one-to-one sessions. They’re included in the program, at no additional cost, and are dedicated to your helping you learn the material.

3. You graduate with a job-ready portfolio.
Maybe you’re one of those people that just love learning new things, but most students are taking the program to learn the skills necessary to start a career as a software developer. You’ll need a strong portfolio to differentiate yourself in the job market. Throughout the course, you’re building a portfolio that you can share with potential employers.

4. It’s VERY affordable.
Most of our programs Front-End and Back-End bootcamps are about $3,800 per course. Other reputable coding bootcamp programs start at $10,000 per course and can cost as much as $30,000. We’re mission driven, not greed driven. You shouldn’t have to mortgage your future to find a good job.

5. Financing is available.
If you’re like most of us, you may need a little financial assistance. We have a partnership with a great lender that has several attractive financing options, including deferred payments, to help. Although not everyone is eligible (based on credit score), most are. Talk to your enrollment advisor to see what may be available to you.

Other reasons include:

  • The opportunity to make life-long connections with other students
  • Career services assistance is available to provide guidance during your job search
  • Friendly instructors/mentors
  • It’s designed for busy adults with families or working full-time jobs.

The enrollment process is quick and easy, though seats are limited each month.

If you’re interested in learning more about our programs, schedule a time to talk with an Enrollment Advisor

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