Do Companies Actually Hire Bootcamp Grads? 


December 15, 2023

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Traditional education is no longer the only path to a lucrative career. A coding bootcamp offers a viable alternative, providing intensive programs that transform tech enthusiasts into job-ready developers in a matter of months.  

However, a common question looms: do companies actually hire graduates from coding bootcamps? In this blog post, we will explore this question, debunk common myths, and provide insights into how coding bootcamp grads can secure coveted positions in the tech industry… 


Top tech companies & startups who hire bootcamp grads 

A growing number of tech giants and startups alike are recognizing the value of coding bootcamp graduates. Companies like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and Amazon are actively hiring bootcamp graduates. Regardless of your educational background, if you possess the necessary skills, you can be a competitive candidate at these tech companies.  

In fact, the employment rates of these graduates at the aforementioned tech giants has a marginal difference of only 0.57% between coding bootcamps and traditional four-year colleges, as reported by Switchup. This means bootcamp graduates are nearly as likely to land jobs at tech companies as those with a traditional computer science degree. 

Let’s explore some of these tech companies who have hired bootcamp graduates… 

Adobe: Adobe is a multinational software company that provides a wide range of products and services, including industry-standard tools for graphic design, video editing, and web development. 

Amazon Web Services (AWS): AWS is the cloud computing platform of Amazon, offering a suite of scalable and on-demand computing resources, storage, and other services to businesses and individuals. 

Capital One Labs: Capital One Labs serves as the innovation arm of Capital One, focusing on developing cutting-edge technologies and solutions in the financial industry. 

Cisco: Cisco is a global technology company that designs and manufactures networking equipment, providing solutions for networking, communication, and cybersecurity. 

Etsy: Etsy is an e-commerce platform specializing in handmade, vintage, and unique goods, connecting buyers with independent sellers globally. 

Eventbrite: Eventbrite is an online platform that facilitates the creation and management of events, allowing organizers to sell tickets and promote gatherings of various sizes. 

Facebook: Facebook is a social media giant that connects people worldwide, providing a platform for social networking, content sharing, and communication. 

Google: Google is a technology company that specializes in internet-related services and products, including search engines, online advertising technologies, cloud computing, and software. 

Razorfish: Razorfish is a digital agency that offers services in digital marketing, advertising, and creative solutions, focusing on creating engaging digital experiences for clients. 

Slack: Slack is a collaboration platform that provides messaging, file sharing, and integration features for teams and businesses, enhancing communication and productivity. 

These companies not only represent the diverse opportunities available to coding bootcamp graduates but also the industry’s recognition of the value these graduates bring to the table. As the tech landscape evolves, coding bootcamps continue to serve as a reliable pathway for aspiring tech professionals to enter and thrive in these leading tech companies. 

In addition to well-established and large organizations, numerous small tech companies actively seek top graduates from coding bootcamps. According to AngelList, a platform connecting startups with tech talent, several companies, including the ones listed below (among many others), have successfully recruited bootcamp graduates: 

Vimeo: A leading video and digital media software and services platform, Vimeo enables users to create and manage videos seamlessly from a centralized location. 

Scribd: Operating as a subscription service, Scribd hosts and grants access to an extensive library of audiobooks, ebooks, and various other documents. 

Skillz: An online video game platform, Skillz brings together iOS and Android gamers worldwide, fostering competition and engagement. 

WhereTo: Specializing in personalized AI-based travel booking services for businesses, WhereTo enhances the travel experience through innovative solutions. 

Explore the best learning paths for aspiring developers: Coding Bootcamp vs. College vs. Self-Learning 


How to get hired as a bootcamp grad 

Bootcamp graduates often wonder how to stand out and secure employment after graduation. Here are some key tips to enter the tech job. market as a strong candidate including choosing the right bootcamp, building a compelling portfolio, honing soft skills, and acing technical interviews. These strategies are designed to help bootcamp grads not just compete, but thrive in the tech job market.

  • Choose the right bootcamp: Ensure that the bootcamp you enroll in teaches relevant and up-to-date skills that are in demand in the industry.
  • Build a strong portfolio: Incorporate real-world projects into your portfolio that showcase your abilities and problem-solving skills.
  • Value soft skills: Seek companies that prioritize both hard and soft skills. Good communication and teamwork are increasingly important in the tech industry.
  • Prepare for interviews: Technical interviews play a pivotal role in the hiring process. Be well-prepared for coding challenges, algorithmic problem-solving, software engineering and system design questions.
  • Maintain an updated online presence: Regularly update your LinkedIn profile, resume, and portfolio to reflect your latest skills and achievements.
  • Network actively: Attend industry events, meetups, and connect with other experienced professionals in the field to expand your network. 

Learn the many advantages of coding bootcamps and how enrolling in a bootcamp is the most effective way to pursue your dream career in tech: Top 20 Benefits of Enrolling in a Coding Bootcamp 

The importance of nailing the technical interview

In the tech industry, your background is only a small part of the hiring process. The technical interview is where you can truly shine. Companies and tech employers are more interested in your problem-solving abilities, coding proficiency, and how well you adapt to new challenges than how or where you got your education. 

Just keep coding 

To remain competitive, it’s crucial to keep your tech skills in sharp, your portfolio updated, and continue learning. The tech industry evolves rapidly, and staying up-to-date on new technologies and trends is essential for long-term success. 

Research has found that 64% of the students in a flipped classroom tend to surpass the average score in a traditional classroom, learn more: What is the Flipped Classroom Model? 


Coding bootcamp graduates can secure jobs in the tech industry by focusing on developing relevant skills, building a strong portfolio, networking actively with potential employers, applying strategically, and excelling in technical interviews. While challenges may exist, the demand for skilled professionals provides ample opportunities for those who are well-prepared. 

Why consider Promineo Tech coding bootcamps? 

As you contemplate attending a coding bootcamp, consider some of the top reasons students choose Promineo Tech: 

  1. It’s affordable: Pay a fraction for the exact same education and certificate that our competitors offer for $15,000 or more. 
  2. Market-driven curriculum: Our coding bootcamps teach the skills you need to become a successful software engineer. 
  3. Real-world projects: Gain hands-on experience by working on industry-relevant projects. Build a strong portfolio and gain an understanding of the real-world challenges and problems that you’ll be solving. 
  4. Career support: We don’t just teach coding; our career coaches and resources will help prepare you for the job market. We’re committed to helping you land your dream job. In fact, we recently helped Morgan Chin land a job as a full-stack software developer at O’Reilly Auto Parts! 
  5. Flexible learning: Evening classes, one-on-one coaching, and group mentor sessions cater to your busy lifestyle, making learning accessible and convenient. 

Explore our available programs to learn more! 

Frequently asked questions about tech companies who hire bootcamp grads 

Do tech companies hire bootcamp graduates?  

Yes, and many employers and tech companies actively hire bootcamp graduates. 

What percent of bootcamp grads get jobs?  

The employment rate for bootcamp grads varies, but many students successfully land positions in the industry. 

What skills are tech companies looking for in bootcamp grads?  

Companies seek a combination of technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and strong communication and teamwork. 

How can bootcamp grads stand out to tech companies?  

Building a robust portfolio, developing soft skills, and networking are key factors that can make bootcamp grads stand out. 

What kind of roles can bootcamp grads expect in tech companies?  

Bootcamp grads can secure roles such as junior developers, and software developers, software engineers, and entry-level positions in various tech fields. 

What is the career progression for bootcamp grads in tech companies?  

Career progression for most bootcamp graduate grads typically involves gaining experience, expanding skills, and moving into more specialized or senior roles. 

How do tech companies evaluate bootcamp programs?  

Companies assess bootcamp programs based on their curriculum, the relevance of skills taught, and the success of their bootcamp graduates bring them in securing jobs. 

What are the challenges faced by bootcamp grads in tech companies?  

Challenges may include breaking into the industry without a traditional college degree, overcoming stereotypes, and proving one’s abilities through practical skills. 

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