Debunking Coding Bootcamp Myths


December 22, 2023

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From job guarantees to hireability—let’s unravel the myths surrounding coding bootcamps and explore how they can be a game-changer for your tech career. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore the validity of concerns and misconceptions surrounding coding bootcamps, addressing questions such as: Are coding bootcamps worth it? Can you really get a coding job from a bootcamp? What are the disadvantages of attending a coding bootcamp?  

Are coding bootcamps worth it? 

One of the most common questions prospective students ask is whether coding bootcamps are worth the investment of time and money.  

The answer, in many cases, is a resounding yes. Coding bootcamps like Promineo Tech are designed to provide a focused, immersive learning experience that accelerates skill acquisition. The condensed curriculum, hands-on projects, and real-world application of coding concepts allows students to develop practical skills quickly. 

The value of coding bootcamps is further highlighted by the fact that they are taught by industry professionals who bring current, real-world expertise to the classroom. This is a stark contrast to traditional education models, where curricula may lag behind industry trends. The fast-paced, industry-relevant nature of coding bootcamps helps students stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving tech landscape. 

Additionally, coding bootcamps are often more affordable and time-efficient than pursuing a computer science degree at a traditional university. The cost of tuition is typically lower, and the immersive format means students can enter the job market with practical skills in a matter of months rather than years. The average coding bootcamp costs more than $13,500. But at Promineo Tech, through our innovative flipped-teaching and faculty model, our college partners can offer comparable, quality programs for nearly a quarter of the average tuition. 

Read more about coding bootcamps cost in: Are Coding Bootcamps Worth It? 

Can you really get a coding job from a bootcamp? 

Success stories from graduates and current software developers like Morgan Chin and Renée Dubuc show you really can get a job from an online coding bootcamp. 

Here at Promineo Tech we emphasize job placement support as an integral part of our programs. We provide career services, including resume workshops, interview preparation, and networking opportunities, to help graduates transition seamlessly into the workforce.  

However, it’s essential to acknowledge that securing a job after a coding bootcamp requires dedication and ongoing effort. Building a strong portfolio, networking with industry professionals, and continuing to learn and update your skills are crucial steps in your post-bootcamp web development journey. 

Be skeptical of any online coding bootcamp that offers a “job guarantee”—this, and Income Share Agreements (ISAs) can be major red flags. From the financial implications of deferred payment models to limitations on interim positions, “job guarantee” agreements can often do more harm than good. 

Read more about how “job guarantees” cloud the reality of a real-life career change: Why Bootcamps with Job Guarantees Aren’t What They Seem 

What is a disadvantage of attending a coding bootcamp? 

While coding bootcamps offer numerous advantages, one significant drawback is the intensity and speed of the programs.  

The accelerated nature of coding bootcamps means that students must absorb a large amount of information in a short period. This pace can be challenging for some learners, leading to stress and overwhelm. 

The condensed curriculum may also result in a less comprehensive understanding of computer and data science concepts compared to a traditional four-year degree. While bootcamps prioritize practical skills, they don’t go as deeply into the theoretical aspects of programming and computer science.  

Another potential disadvantage is the lack of a degree upon completion of a coding or software engineering bootcamp either. Some employers, particularly those with more traditional hiring practices, may prioritize candidates with a formal degree. Though, industries are evolving rapidly, and many employers now recognize the value of practical skills gained from bootcamps. Plus, at Promineo Tech, we partner with community colleges to give our graduates more credibility.  

Online coding bootcamps can be intense and demanding, read more about the common challenges and strategies to overcome them in: What is the Flipped Classroom Model? 

Do employers care about coding bootcamps? 

The perception of coding bootcamps in the eyes of employers has evolved significantly over the years.  

Initially met with skepticism, coding bootcamps are now widely recognized as valuable contributors to the tech talent pool. Employers increasingly appreciate the practical, hands-on skills that bootcamp graduates bring to the table, often viewing them as job-ready candidates. 

In fact, the employment rates for online coding bootcamps graduates at tech giants show a minimal disparity of just 0.57% between coding bootcamps and traditional four-year colleges, according to Switchup‘s report. This implies that individuals who complete coding bootcamps are almost equally likely to secure positions at tech companies compared to their counterparts with a conventional computer science degree. 

However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that while the tech industry is increasingly accepting of coding bootcamp graduates, individual perceptions may vary among employers. Some companies still prioritize candidates with traditional degrees, while others prioritize practical skills and experience. The key for bootcamp graduates is to effectively communicate your skills, showcase your projects, and demonstrate your ability to contribute meaningfully to a team. 

7 Myths about online coding bootcamps  

Myth #1: “Coding bootcamps are only for tech geniuses” 

Contrary to popular belief, coding bootcamps are not exclusive to tech prodigies. Promineo Tech embraces individuals from diverse backgrounds, creating an inclusive learning environment that accommodates beginners and seasoned professionals alike from many different industries—one recent graduate was a former zookeeper! 

Myth #2: “Coding bootcamp graduates are not as qualified as CS degree holders” 

While traditional degrees have their merits, coding bootcamps offer unique advantages. Coding bootcamps deliver job-ready skills, fast. The tech industry evolves quickly, and the best coding bootcamps are good at keeping pace. This practical, hands-on learning, is directly applicable to real-world scenarios. Plus, employers are increasingly valuing practical skills over formal degrees.  

Myth #3: “Coding bootcamps are a shortcut with no depth” 

A coding bootcamp will get you job-ready much faster than a traditional degree, it’s true. And they may not go as deep into theory and history as a traditional degree, but what they lack in depth they make up for in breadth. Coding bootcamps demand commitment and intensity to master comprehensive curriculum and hands-on projects across a broad spectrum of technical skills. Our graduates possess a deep understanding of coding principles, not just surface-level knowledge. 

Myth #4: “You can learn everything online for free, so why join a coding bootcamp?” 

While it’s true that a vast array of resources exists on the internet, the question remains: is the self-taught route the most effective way to master the complexities of web development? While online resources offer a wealth of information, the sheer volume can be overwhelming, leading to a fragmented and unorganized learning experience. Coding bootcamps provide a curated curriculum, carefully designed to build foundational knowledge and skills progressively. This structure ensures that learners cover essential topics in a logical sequence, fostering a deeper understanding of coding principles. 

Read more about the benefits of online coding bootcamps: Top 20 Benefits of Enrolling in a Coding Bootcamp  

Myth #5: “Companies don’t hire coding bootcamp grads” 

The biggest tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and Amazon actively recruit from coding bootcamps, recognizing the practical skills and readiness these graduates bring to the table. Beyond industry giants, smaller tech companies are also tapping into the talent pool of coding bootcamp graduates. Platforms like AngelList connect startups with skilled individuals, and success stories include companies like Vimeo, Scribd, Skillz, and WhereTo. The narrative surrounding the hiring practices in the tech industry is evolving, with coding bootcamps emerging as reliable pathways for individuals to secure positions and thrive in both established and emerging tech companies.  

Read more about the companies who hire coding bootcamp grads in: Do Companies Actually Hire Bootcamp Grads?  

Myth #6: “They’re All Too Expensive”

It’s a common belief that enrolling in a coding bootcamp means facing steep costs, but this is a misconception. In reality, coding bootcamps like Promineo Tech stand as a testament to affordability and value in this educational space. We prioritize making education accessible, offering one of the most affordable options in the market. A coding bootcamp doesn’t have to break the bank. The key is to find a program that fits your budget and still provides substantial value to enhance your career. With a variety of financing options available, a quality coding education at Promineo Tech is an attainable goal for many aspiring tech professionals.

Myth #7: “AI is Going to Replace Programmers, So It’s a Waste of Time and Money”

With the rapid advancement of AI and machine learning, there’s a growing narrative that these technologies will soon replace human programmers. However, this is far from the truth. AI is a tool that enhances the coding process, not a replacement for the coders themselves. In fact, the rise of AI has increased the demand for professionals who understand how to work alongside these advanced technologies. Learning coding and AI skills is more of an investment in a future-proof career than a risk.


As you read through common misconceptions, from the worthiness of bootcamp investments to concerns about employability and depth of learning, hopefully a clearer picture emerged of the advantages and challenges of online coding bootcamps. 

While the intensive nature of coding bootcamps poses challenges, the depth of knowledge gained, coupled with the industry’s evolving perception, underscores their value in preparing job-ready candidates. The structured learning, mentorship, peer collaboration, and real-world application provided by bootcamps offer a holistic educational experience that surpasses self-taught online resources. 

From Apple to Amazon, the narrative is shifting, with many coding bootcamps proving to be reliable sources of skilled talent. Companies not only hire coding bootcamp graduates but actively seek their expertise, breaking down the barriers that once favored traditional computer science degrees. 

Key takeaways 

  • Coding bootcamps, like Promineo Tech, provide a focused, immersive, and industry-relevant learning experience, making them a worthwhile investment of time and money. 
  • Contrary to myths, coding bootcamp graduates can secure jobs in the tech industry. We help by prioritizing job placement support, including resume workshops, and networking opportunities. 
  • While coding bootcamps offer numerous advantages, a potential drawback includes the intense pace of the programs. 
  • The tech industry increasingly recognizes the value of coding bootcamp graduates, appreciating their practical, hands-on skills.  
  • Coding bootcamps like Promineo Tech are inclusive and accessible to individuals from diverse backgrounds. 

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