Why Bootcamps with Job Guarantees Aren’t What They Seem


December 15, 2023

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If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Coding bootcamps that offer job guarantees cloud the reality of a real-life career change. The job search can be a long, emotional process—and bootcamps with job guarantees need to stop pretending otherwise. 

A coding bootcamp is a no-brainer alternative to traditional education. Coding bootcamps provide a fast, focused, and immersive learning experience, teaching relevant programming languages and technologies essential for a successful career. The prospect of making a career change quickly, affordably, and with the potential for remote work is enticing… 

Choosing the right coding bootcamp, however, is no small task. With so many options available, a job guarantee may seem like an obvious selling point. Yet, as you’ll read, a job guarantee often comes with hidden drawbacks that can significantly impact your career trajectory… 

The truth about bootcamp job guarantees 

While the promise of a coding bootcamp job guarantee may sound reassuring, the fine print often tells a different story. Here are nine red flags hiding in coding bootcamp job guarantees: 

  1. Interim positions in a job search will disqualify you

Many bootcamps extend their guarantee to any type of job, diluting the value of the promise. Like: you could literally get a job at McDonalds and would then be ineligible for the full tuition refund anyway. Some bootcamp graduates have to take interim positions during their job search between graduating and landing a software development job, so this policy can be particularly unfair to them. It essentially penalizes those who need to support themselves financially while searching for a job in their new field. This approach undermines the purpose of the guarantee, which should ideally be about securing a relevant and meaningful position in the industry for which they trained.

  1. Limited time frame to get a job guarantee

Job placement guarantees typically have a time limit, leaving you in a rush to secure employment within a specified period. This time pressure in your job search can lead to accepting suboptimal job offers now, and compromising your long-term career goals. Also, this limited timeframe often does not account for the complexities of the job market or individual circumstances. For instance, economic downturns or personal situations like health issues can significantly impact one’s ability to find a job quickly. Consequently, this can create unnecessary stress and may force graduates to prioritize immediate employment over finding a role that truly aligns with their skills, interests, and career aspirations. This approach not only hampers the graduate’s career trajectory but also contradicts the essence of a comprehensive educational investment.

  1. Higher tuition costs

Some bootcamps with job guarantees may have significantly higher tuition costs. Evaluate whether the cost is justified and reasonable compared to other programs with similar offerings. When it comes to bootcamps with particularly high ticket prices it’s important to consider the return on investment. Higher tuition costs should reflect superior training, resources, and support that translate into better job prospects and career advancement. Compare these with less expensive programs to determine if the premium you’re paying is truly investing in a more valuable education and support network, or simply a marketing tactic. Remember, a job guarantee is only as good as the opportunities it leads to, but a heftier price tag may not correlate with a higher likelihood of achieving your career goals.

  1. Deferred payment = interest charged

Bootcamps with job guarantees that defer payment until you secure a job may seem to have your best interest at first glance. However, what goes unnoticed is that these coding bootcamps are earning interest while you navigate the challenging terrain of the job market. This seemingly harmless agreement can result in you paying more than the initially agreed-upon deferred tuition amount—the interest accumulation can significantly increase the total amount owed, making the financial burden heavier once you do find employment.

  1. Sneaky eligibility criteria

Tuition reimbursement programs may have hidden eligibility criteria that make it challenging for students to actually qualify. For instance, reimbursement may be contingent on maintaining a certain GPA or achieving specific milestones, which might not be clearly communicated. They also might require graduates to accept the first job offer they receive, regardless of whether it aligns with your career aspirations. This can significantly limit your ability to negotiate job terms or wait for a better opportunity.

  1. One size fits no one

Participants in coding bootcamps have diverse career goals, and a one-size-fits-all job placement guarantee might not cater to the individual needs and aspirations of every student. Bootcamps attract a vast diversity in student backgrounds, skill levels, career aspirations, and life circumstances. Some students might be looking to transition into tech from a completely different field, while others may already have some technical background and are seeking to specialize further. A generic job placement guarantee fails to acknowledge these nuances and can end up directing students towards roles that don’t align with their specific career objectives or skill sets.

  1. Tech industry realities

The tech industry is dynamic, and success in landing a job depends on various factors beyond completing a bootcamp, such as networking, continuous learning, interview prep, and adaptability. No coding bootcamp job guarantee can account for these variables. Ultimately, landing a job requires dedicated and genuine effort, and the assurance of success lies solely within your own commitment and actions.

  1. 100+ applications a week

Bootcamps offering a job guarantee often attach strict criteria to their promises. Some require applicants to submit a massive number of job applications weekly—like as many as 100 job apps. This demand can be overwhelming, quite frankly unachievable, and most importantly it dilutes the quality of your applications overall.   

  1. Income share agreement (ISA)

Income share agreement (ISA) coding bootcamps offer an attractive $0 upfront commitment. But then they have you pay 10-15% of your income for 2-4 years. For instance, a 15% cut for a $100,000 salary is $15,000—per year! And yes most do have a cap on the amount they’ll charge you, but that can still be as high as $30,000 or more. 

It’s crucial for individuals considering coding and web development bootcamps to thoroughly review the terms and conditions of job placement guarantees and tuition reimbursement programs. Seeking transparency, asking questions, and researching the experiences of past participants can help in making informed decisions about which bootcamp is the right fit for one’s career goals. 

The average coding bootcamp costs more than $13,500. Through our innovative flipped-teaching and faculty model, our partners are able to offer comparable, quality programs for near a 4th of the average tuition. Read more about how to pay for your coding bootcamp here: How to Pay for Your Bootcamp 

Factors to consider when choosing a coding bootcamp

While bootcamps that offer job guarantees might feel like a safety net, the value of a bootcamps depends on various factors, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when evaluating the worth of such bootcamps: 

  • Quality of the program: Research the reputation and reviews of the bootcamp. Look for programs with a proven track record of success, experienced instructors, and comprehensive curriculum.
  • Industry demand: Consider the demand for the skills you’ll acquire in the job market. If the field is in high demand and experiencing growth, it may increase your chances of finding employment.
  • Your commitment: Success in a bootcamp often depends on your dedication and effort. If you are committed to learning and putting in the required work, you are more likely to benefit from the program.
  • Alternative education paths: Compare the bootcamp option with other educational paths. Traditional degrees, self-paced online learning, or other forms of education might also be viable options depending on your goals.
  • Financial considerations: Evaluate the cost of the bootcamp against your potential future earnings. Bootcamps are usually intensive, accelerated programs and the cost shouldn’t rival that of a college tuition.  
  • One-on-one support: Ensure the bootcamp you’re considering provides you access to live, one-on-one support throughout the program. Learning tech skills can be challenging and it’s important to have help in overcoming hurdles or mastering trickier topics.

Before committing to a bootcamp thoroughly research and, if possible, talk to alumni who have gone through the program. Assess your own learning style, career goals, and financial situation to make an informed decision. Remember that while a job guarantee can be enticing, it’s important to view it as one factor among many when evaluating the overall quality and fit of a bootcamp. 

As alternative education pathways gain traction, coding bootcamps are proving to prepare graduates to win jobs, despite outdated skepticism. This comprehensive analysis takes a good hard look into the world of coding bootcamps, assessing their value in today’s tech career market… Read more here: Are Coding Bootcamps Worth It? 

Real Success Stories Vs. Bootcamp Job Guarantee Scams

Even though job guarantees often don’t have students’ best interest in mind, real success stories abound from bootcamp grads landing jobs in tech. For instance, our own graduates at Promineo Tech—Michael Duran and Morgan Chin, recently landed their software engineering and development jobs. Michael is a software engineer at USAA, and Morgan is a full-stack software developer at O’Reilly Auto Parts. Read their stories to learn more about successful journeys into tech from a bootcamp program. 

It’s natural to wonder whether the investment in time and money is truly worth it when it comes to your education—in fact, we highly recommend being skeptical. Read this to help you make an informed decision: Top 20 Benefits of Enrolling in a Coding Bootcamp 

Invest in a bootcamp committed to your success 

At Promineo Tech, we distinguish ourselves by prioritizing the success of our students without resorting to deceptive job guarantees. Our commitment to your journey includes: 

  • Competitive pricing: We offer some of the most competitive pricing in the industry, ensuring accessibility for individuals from diverse backgrounds.
  • Industry-experienced instructors: Our instructors are professionals actively working in the tech industry, providing real-world insights and up-to-date knowledge.
  • Relevant curriculum: Our curriculum is constantly updated to align with the ever-changing needs of the tech market, ensuring that you acquire the latest and most valuable skills.
  • Personalized support: Benefit from instructor office hours and weekly one-on-one sessions with mentors who have successfully completed the program, offering valuable guidance and support.
  • Legitimacy: Promineo Tech is proud to be partnered with accredited community colleges, adding an extra layer of legitimacy to our programs.

While we understand the appeal of job guarantees, we firmly believe that honesty and transparency are paramount in setting realistic expectations for your tech career journey.

The Promineo Tech admissions team talks to thousands of current and prospective students each month. Here are the most common reasons students choose to enroll in one of our software development bootcamps: Top 5 Reasons Why Students Choose Promineo Tech Software Development Bootcamps 


In your pursuit of a tech career in 2024, it is essential to approach the decision of choosing a coding bootcamp with discernment. While the promise of job guarantees may seem tempting, the hidden clauses and unintended consequences can outweigh the benefits. We urge prospective students to do their due diligence, consider the true cost of guarantees, and prioritize a bootcamp that genuinely cares about your success.  

At Promineo Tech, our focus is on equipping you with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the tech industry, without relying on deceptive guarantees. Your success is our priority, and we are committed to guiding you every step of the way. Explore our available programs to learn more!

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